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Plumbing, Drainage & Gasfitting

24/7 Emergency Service

Emergency Plumber Canberra | Emergency Plumbing Canberra

Do you have a plumbing emergency? Are you in urgent need of a licensed plumber, drainer or gasfitter in Canberra? 

Throne Plumbing are the emergency plumber in Canberra. We provide a convenient 24/7 emergency plumbing service. 

We promise to respond to your call at all hours - day or night. A licensed plumber will be available to take your call, providing you with immediate advise and prompt service, minimising disruption to your home and damage to your property.  


Toilet Repairs Canberra | Toilet Replacement Canberra | Blocked Toilet Canberra

Is your toilet constantly leaking into the bowl? Is a leak causing water to pool around the base of your toilet? Are the flush buttons stuck?  

Often our tradesman can repair a malfunctioning toilet by replacing worn or faulty parts. Given each toilet cistern requires many distinct parts in order to function properly, our vehicles are stocked with an extensive range of spare parts to ensure your toilet 
is returned to working order as soon as possible. 

If your toilet is faulty beyond repair or you would like to upgrade your suite, Throne Plumbing also supply and install new suites. We supply several options in terms of price, style and design. We regularly install these suites and recommend their use for their excellence in quality and brand reputation. Our suites are sourced from industry specific suppliers not hardware stores. We know and trust these brands. The internals are made of the highest quality materials on the market and are likely to outlast sub-premium brands. In addition, replacement parts for these suites are easily sourced. Further, the toilets we supply are affordable. They represent the best value for money in terms of quality and longevity. 

We can also convert your toilet from the old linked style suite, in which you can see the drainage, to a modern style back-to-wall suite. Usually, this can be achieved without having to move the existing drainage or water supply. 

Another incentive to upgrading your existing toilet from old to new is that it will save water. Meaning, you can reduce the cost of your water bill and positively impact the environment. Did you know that many old toilet suites use 9-12 litres of water per flush? Modern suites are dual flush and use as little as 3-4 litres of water to flush the contents of the bowl.


Tap Repairs Canberra | Tap Replacement Canberra | Leaking Tap Canberra

Do you have a leaking tap? Do you want to modernise your kitchen or bathroom? 

Throne Plumbing service, repair, supply and install tap-ware. Where possible, our tradesman will repair and service your existing tap-ware to reduce costs and maintain their longevity. However, if your taps are faulty beyond repair or you would like to replace or upgrade your existing tap-ware, we also supply and install new taps. 

Tap-ware is the focal point of any bathroom or kitchen and there are many styles and brands on the market. We supply a wide range of tap-ware varying in terms of price, style, functionality and design. Our vehicles are stocked with many of these options. We can also source unique or speciality tap-ware. If you decide to purchase tap-ware yourself, we highly recommend that you source premium quality products from a plumbing store. Avoid cheap hardware store alternatives as they are likely to leak or burst. 

Generic washer style taps are easily serviceable; we recommend servicing every 5-10 years, depending on the frequency of use, in order to maintain functionality. Ceramic Disc tap-ware although unserviceable is a lot easier to operate, especially for young children or elderly people who may struggle to turn taps on and off. Mixer style taps, as seen in the photo, contain a cartridge which is easily repaired. This style of tap is very simple to use and does not require regular servicing. Each style of tap is installed with water saving devices, cutting the cost of your water bill. 

Blocked Drains 

Blocked Drains Canberra | Blocked Drain Canberra 

Is your drain blocked? 

The tradesman at Throne Plumbing are experienced in clearing the most stubborn blockages in canberra. We are fully equipped with the best equipment and machinery to clear your drain. 

Typically, our team can clear a blockage using the 'Electric Eel'. A rapidly spinning steel cable is fed through the pipework, cutting through the blockage allowing your drains to flow clear. In the case of more serious blockages, a 'High Pressure Jet' is used to clear the pipeline. 

Blockages are commonly caused by non-flushables, such as sanitary items, baby wipes, nappies or paper towel being forced down the pipeline. However, in Canberra, the most common cause of blocked drains are tree roots which have grown through a crack in the pipeline. Tree root blockages are most prevalent in the regions oldest suburbs. Why? Older homes have clay pipework. After about 20 years the rubber seal surrounding these pipes disintegrate allowing tree roots to grow inside the drainage system. Both the 'Electric Eel' and the 'High Pressure Jet' are capable of cutting through tree roots and clearing the blockage. However, when the tree roots eventually grow back a blockage is likely to reoccur. Read further. 

Are your drains blocking regularly? 

If your drains are blocking regularly we recommend a 'CCTV Drain Camera' inspection to determine the source of the ongoing blockage. Typically, in Canberra the source is tree roots. If this is the case we can provide a permanent solution by 'digging up' your yard with a Mini Excavator and replacing the broken section of pipework. Old clay pipes are replaced with new PVC (plastic) pipes. PVC pipework is joined with glue unlike clay pipework which was joined by a degrading rubber seal. The new section of pipework will prevent roots re-entering your drains and causing further blockages. We can also assist with any troubled stormwater pipe. 

Note: Warranty on drain maintenance depends on the cause of the blockage. Unfortunately, Throne Plumbing are unable to provide warranty in the case of unpredictable tree root growth or blockages caused by non-flushable items. However, we will happily re-attend to advise you of the most suitable plumbing solution.


Gasfitting Canberra | Canberra Gasfitting | Gasfitter Canberra | Canberra Gasfitter

 Do not tamper with gas, use a licensed Gas-fitter!

Gas is a toxic substance which can become poisonous and explosive. Therefore, it is imperative that you do not tamper with gas. Instead, seek the assistance of one of Throne Plumbing's licensed gas-fitters.  

Our gas-fitters are equipped with the tools to promptly detect a gas leak and repair the broken pipeline, quickly eliminating potential dangers. 

We can also assist with supplying and installing new gas appliances such as cook-tops, hot-water systems, barbecues, ducted heaters etc. We also service these appliances, which we recommend every 12 months, to maintain proper functionality.  

If you're property does not have a gas supply, we can also install a new line from the meter to upgrade your appliances. 

Gas, Electric & Solar Hot Water

Hot Water Canberra | Canberra Hot Water | Solar Hot Water Canberra 

The team at Throne Plumbing can service, repair, supply and install electric, gas and solar hot water units. We understand that hot water is a necessity in your household and will do our best to ensure you are not left with out it. 

Choosing the right hot water system is essential when it comes to saving money on running costs and making sure you have a system that provides you and your family with an adequate supply of hot water. 

Electric Hot Water 

Although electric hot water is the most expensive solution it is an appropriate option for households and rural properties without a gas supply or for those who want to avoid the hassle of converting from electric to gas or solar. Warranty on electric hot water tanks is typically 7-10 years. 

Gas Hot-Water 

There are two forms of gas hot water: storage tank hot water or tankless continuous flow hot water. Standard storage tanks have a capacity of 100-180 litres of water. Modern units have a 4-5 star energy rating, meaning they take far less time to reheat then the older less efficient models. Once emptied, a new gas storage tank will typically take 30-45 minutes to reheat a fresh tank of cool water to a desired temperature. By comparison, older units typically take in excess of 1 hour to reheat the water supply. An alternative source of gas hot water is continuous flow. This solution does not store hot water. Rather, it heats water instantly and as required. This is a more appropriate option for larger households that require a lot of hot water. Note, these systems use more gas than storage tanks and therefore require a larger gas line. Continuous flow units are very compact and have temperature controls allowing you to adjust the water temperature at certain fixtures - an excellent feature in the households of children and the elderly. Warranty on gas storage tanks is typically 7-10 years. Warranty on gas continuous flow tanks are are typically 10-12 years on heat exchanger.

Solar Hot Water 

Solar hot water is fast becoming the most popular choice of Canberrans. Despite its low cost of operation, solar hot water has the highest cost of installation in comparison to gas and electric. Solar hot water systems are either electric boosted or gas boosted. Meaning on those cold and wet Canberra days when the sun disappears, electricity or gas supply heats the water in the tank. On the days that there is sufficient sunlight to heat the water the electricity or gas supply shuts off. Warranty on solar hot water systems is typically 5-10 years. 

Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations

Kitchen Renovation Canberra | Bathroom Renovation Canberra

Renovating a kitchen or bathroom can be a stressful process, there are many decisions to be made and many trades to consult. The Throne team aim to minimise this stress, providing practical advice and trade contacts.

If you want modernise your kitchen or bathroom, our team can upgrade your existing plumbing fixtures. We can supply and install new tap-ware, shower-ware, basins, vanities, sinks and bathsIf your bathroom or kitchen is undergoing a total refurbishment or moving location within the home we can also alter the plumbing to suit. 


Roof Repairs Canberra | Gutter & Fascia Canberra

Is your roof leaking? Is the leak causing water damage to your property?

Old penetrations on your roof top or cracks in the roof tiles may cause a water leak, often resulting in severe water damage to walls and carpet. 

Our plumbers will promptly locate and stop the leak, minimising further damage and disruption to your home.

Is you're house starting to look a bit weathered? There are some small yet cost effective ways to bring it back to life!

We can also help with any upgrade work you would like done to your roof to give it that new look. We specialise in gutter and fascia replacement and remodelling. A new gutter system and downpipes with increase the look of you're house. From a small meter piece that requires replacement up to renewing the whole house. We can supply and install new downpipes also which can come in many different forms.

We can even repairs gutters on 2 storey houses using our scaffolding. 

Rain Water Harvesting

Rain Water Canberra | 

As the cost of water is starting to go up in Canberra, the smartest thing you can do now is start to reduce your water bill. Installing a poly or metal rainwater tank in you're backyard is a simple way of catching the water from the roof and using it for things such as irrigating lawns or plants. 

We can also have custom made tanks to suit any confined spaces and have a large range of colours and shapes.

Did you know that you can use tank water to fill up your toilet?

The process is simple. We install a rainwater tank of you're choice and install it in a position in that backyard that is suitable, and then re run one or 2 of the downpipes from the house into the top of the tank. We then run an overflow point from the tank back into the stormwater where the down pipe originally went. This means that if your tank overflows the water has somewhere to go and you're tank remains full. We then have an electrician install a outdoor powerpoint near the tank and install a pressure pump at the base. Connect up the plumbing from tank to the pump and then we are able to run a new hose nearby for you to use as you please. The cost initially can be high but over time you will start to reap the benefits of the water you have saved and the money.

Water Filtration

Water Filtration Canberra | 

Throne Plumbing can supply and install new water filters weather it be to one fixture or to the whole house. Water filters can take the bad taste out of the water you drink and especially in rural areas it can stop lots of gunk from water tanks passing through the system and clogging up you're taps and toilets.

Burst Pipes

Burst Pipes Repairs Canberra

In Canberra we experience some very cold winters. This means any water pipes in you're house that are exposed to the weather can freeze and therefore burst. At Throne Plumbing we will not only repair all burst pipes but reinstate it so that the issue does not re occur. We use the best insulation on the market to cover any exposed pipes and protect them from the conditions.